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jQuery abnomoly


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I have eight instances where I adjust the CSS using jQuery. Six of them work just fine. Two of them don't work at all. Lines 151 and 159 do not alter the CSS as they are suppose to. Looking at the file, I process all eight triangles using the same syntax. Hovering over a triangle hilights that triangle, and highlihghts the syntax that builds it. The top-left and the bottom-right triangles do not change color on hover. The other six triangles and corresponding text highlight just fine.


Here is link to the site. I have also attached a copy.


So far, I have attempted changing the id of the particular element to another name, thinking it may be a reserved word problem. I have also combed the code for syntax errors, but have not found any. I am using jquery-1.8.3.min.js .


Please help.


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