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Do I need CSS in my website?

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Sherry here, as I said in the introduction area, trying to learn seo, html and everything else to have a successful website.

I am using google developer tools, but its so complicated to learn.

Do I really need CSS on my website?

Can anyone recommend a good book or a resource for(dummies) build a successful website with correct codes and will not get penalized from google?? I can't afford the the big bucks.....


using google webtools and analytics.......


thanks Sherry

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Hello Sherry, as far as i have learned with stuff of/about CSS, then you DO need it in EVERYTHING and ANYTHING now adays to make a website look cool.. like this forum, also uses CSS.. a webshop, CSS... almost everything is CSS based online on the wwww (World Wide Web)... Even i use this when i code/develop websites, or tho the design's aint that big/good.. im more a background-coding/develop geek/nerd x).


Anyways, i dont know much of google website coding/analystic or whatever you use. All i know you might as well learn CSS if you also are trying learning HTML/XHTML since you DO NEED CSS for HTML to actual design each DIV/TABLE or whatever you use x)...


If you need help, ask away.. CSS i am better at than coding, or.. sort of anyways... dont ask me about that in details hehe :P..



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Of course you need CSS, if user experience is succesfull in your site, maybe he will recomend, and why not, they can return many times, if you ignore the look of your site probably users dont return or you can create a bounce effect that can affect the SEO of your site. there are many things than affect SEO of your site, but more important is that your visitors have a good experience in every visit.
By the way, if you create a good experience in your site, you can obtain more conversions or client actions depending on your objetives, i think that is very difficult to gain without CSS.
Personally i check the w3schools contents for any question about web, i am a web designer, and every day i learn new things about this world.
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