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Visual studio hangs while running asp.net project


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I have developed a website in asp.net using visual studio 2010. before 2 days it is working fine but now whenever i try to ctrl + F5 (run) project, project hangs for infinite time. i have run same project on another machine it is working fine so i have concluded that, may be there is a problem in visual studio that's why i have repair visual studio but no improvement. then i have reinstalled fresh copy of visual studio 2010 but still same problem exist.


I have also tried to run the project from another drive. i have imported my aspx and user control (ascx)

pages from c drive to d drive and tried to run the project. at this time there is no hanging of visual studio while running, but ASP namespace not found. and hence i am not able to access my user controls(ascx) pages through ASP namespace. please help me to sort out this problem.


can this is possible because of virus attack ?


should i format the PC ?



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