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Finally get rid of <script> tags

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Cut the code:

<input onkeyup="s?e=Date.now():s=Date.now()"onblur="c=this.value.length;this.value+=c/(e-s)"><script>s=0</script>

☑ 113

<input onkeyup="s?e=Date.now():s=Date.now()"onblur="c=this.value.length;this.value+=c/(e-s)">

Ø 93

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neither of those approaches looks appealing in the least. Event handling / listening is recommended instead.


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Yes, as Scientist says, wouldn't it be much nicer and cleaner to have unified handlers for these inputs? Why would you want all of that embedded code in the HTML? On pageload you would have a loop assign all of the input elements to the same handler functions which would then collect the clickstream data.

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