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PHP array() section improvement

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I have been reading through the php section about arrays and even though I think it is very informative as it is, I think the section misses an example of how to assign a different variable for each of the items in the array.


I'll use the array example with the cars:


$cars = array("Volvo","BMW","Toyota");


This will yield:


Array ([0] => Volvo [1] => BMW [2] => Toyota)


Now what if the user wishes to split the array and assign a variable for each of the items in the array like for example:


Volvo = $Sweden

BMW = $Germany

Toyota = $Japan


I think an example of how this is done would be really helpful for some (including myself !).




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I'm not sure what you're asking. Making a more complicated array structure is typically application specific. You can always make an array index an array itself to create a multidimensional array, if that's what you're getting at.



$cars = array(  "volvo" => array(     "country" => "Sweden"  )); echo $cars["volvo"]["country"];
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