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francis Aneke

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I fetched some variables from the database which are stored in $join and the values are there when echoed



$join ="$index_id||$weekly_gen_news||$what_is_env"; <li><a href='echo.php?GetValue=<?php echo $join; ?>' target='iframe_a'><span>what is environment</span></a></li>



but the reason i did that is to parse them together to the next page, being separated by ||

At the echo.php i tried to explode them to their individual self and display them but i keep geting $index_id--$weekly_gen_news--$what_is_env as result, as echoed below

What should i do?

// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



<?php$GetValue = $_GET['GetValue']; //put content in array$array = explode("||", $GetValue[0]);$index_id = $array[0];$weekly_gen_news = $array[1];$what_is_env = $array[3];echo '$index_id--$weekly_gen_news--$what_is_env';?>

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i have solved it, the problem is that i forgot to put the third parameter $array = explode("||", $GetValue[0]);---->$array = explode("||", $GetValue,3);

and i need not to index the GetValue variable directly. Then i finally echoed them individually like this

echo $index_id = $array[0];echo$weekly_gen_news = $array[1];echo $what_is_env = $array[3];


so it now working perfectly


THANKS ingolme

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