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multimedia loaded data on client side.

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Hi every one!!!

after a very long time I'm log in to this forum.

let's come to the topic, the problem which I'll be experiences is that i'll create the html 5 audio.

write my own script to control the playback, works fine!

Now I want to know that how we can use the javascript to determined how much data is loaded on the user computer.

means that if a file is 20 or 40 MB in size I want to show the progress to the user how much data is loaded on your computer.

and up to what time audio can be played smoothly.

just like the youtube white progress tells us.

any possibility in JS?

Help is appreciated.

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This describes some of the events for HTML 5 audio and video, including the progress event:http://www.sitepoint.com/essential-audio-and-video-events-for-html5/You'll need to calculate how much time they have downloaded though, based on things like the audio bitrate and the bandwidth they are using.

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