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Attempt to fade in 8 images one at a time

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I am attempting to fade in 8 images, one at a time with a delay between each one.


I have used the following code.

/* I have 8 <div>s, named "one", "two", "tre" ... etc.. */		var divs = ["one", "two", "tre", "for", "fiv", "six", "svn", "egt"];/* initially these divs all have an attribute of display:none    I step through each elemet in the "divs" array,    I take the litteral "div#, and append to it the value of the current array element,   and pass this value to the slowShow function. */		for (var i=0;i<divs.length;i++) {			setTimeout(slowShow("div#"+divs[i]), 555555);		};		/* the function slowShow calls a jQuery function using the value passed to that function    as the selector for the jQuery function */		function slowShow(param) {			$(param).fadeIn( 2400 );		};/* the snipit of code displays the 8 individual divs all at once,    though they all use the fadeIn value of 2400 */

The entire page code is attached, but the images are not.

Please note, Initially a class was used to give all divs the attribute of display:none. All divs had that class, plus a unique identifier. I was hoping that by using the ID as the jQuery selector, I might be able to display each div individually, one by one. But they all display at once, as though I was using the class in my selector. I already tried placing a display:none attribute in each unique div identifier. That didn't help, so I changed it back to using a class to set all the divs to display:none.



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Your loop is executing the slowShow function immediately, not scheduling it to run later. You are scheduling the return value of slowShow to run later, but it doesn't return a function. You can use an anonymous function to wrap the call to slowShow inside, and then all of them will fade in 9 and a quarter minutes later, still at the same time though. If you want to stagger when they fade in then change the number of milliseconds each time to call setTimeout.

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