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Tutorial Strings


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where i can use this ????


Or you can put quotes inside a string by using the escape character:


var answer = 'It's alright';

var answer = "He is called "Johnny"";


if it work too without and is corect displey

<p id="demo"></p><script>var carName1 = "Volvo XC60";var carName2 = 'Volvo XC60';var answer1 = "It's alright";var answer2 = "He is called 'Johnny'";var answer3 = 'He is called "Johnny"';document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = carName1 + "<br>" + carName2 + "<br>" + answer1 + "<br>" + answer2 + "<br>" + answer3</script>

why is this in special charakters table code ?


' single quote " double quote


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