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need help feedback better opportunity for beginner or junior.


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first at all myself i m a basic developer i never experience in real world all i familiar basic with HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MYSQL, RUBY. what i did is jump each languages since 2 months i study so hard since i quit from weld job. it was most motivated to me is the computer. I want to know if i have to understand all of basic PHP languages? what about the advance PHP language? I have noticed the w3.com is only all basic languages. is good idea to practice myself on my notepad++ before step to any higher level? because i don't know how or what suppose i do next. i really little bit confused. mean i have to continue study more than two years become well knowledge before i apply? what is your advice? shall i go on get a certification on my resume to look impression to the company? i need your some help because i am new to this.


please help




brian van vlymen

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