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Load method with file URL file location reference


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Hello everyone


I have some code that transforms and XML to HTML using a style sheet. The transformation below works fine:


'Load the XML and the XSL (the stylesheet)

Set oXML = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")Set oXSL = CreateObject("MSXML.DOMDocument")oXML.Load "D:some directoryXMLfile.xml"oXSL.Load "D:some directoryXSLtheme.xsl" 'Transform the XML using the stylesheet

sHTML = oXML.transformNode(oXSL)


However, the XLS file is usually referenced as a URL rather than a Windows file path (the XLS file is lolcated on a different server). Changing the relevant line to:


oXSL.Load "http://srv001234.internal.com/somedirectory/XSLtheme.xsl"


does not work, presumably since the load method does not work with URL. Do I have to access the file via browser and save locally or is there a quicker method? And if so, what would I have to do to dave the file to the local directory? Many thanks in advance

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