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Passing variable to getElementbyId()


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Is it possible to pass javascript variable in getElementbyId()??


This is my radio code:

echo '<td><input id="dis1" type="radio" name="select" value="1" /></td>';echo '<td>'.$poke[0]."<br>";echo 'Level:'.$level[0]."<br>";echo 'Health:'.$health[0]."<br></td>";

The below is my javascript code...in which first the id value is stored in PHP cvariable and then stored in javascript and using this javascript variable, I will disable the radio button. !

<script>var dis_value = <?php echo $dis_value; ?>;                          //$dis_value = dis1document.getElementById("dis_value").disabled=true;</script>

But dunno why it seems not to be working?? are there any constraints which I need to follow if I am using a variable in getElementbyID ???

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you're not using the variable. you're literally passing the value "dis_value" to it. You need to pass the variable itself, not in quotes.

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oh shreyaskudav.


You remind me of my younger self. I asked the very same question when I was 12 about booleans on the xgenstudios forums. You can always pass variables. The way programming languages work is that it always interprets the most nested elements first. So when you say-

var myVar = "test";getElementById(myVar);

It will interpret to




Same with functions.

function foo() {  return "test";}getElementById(foo());

Interpets to-


Happy programming!

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