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Different browser display of same page on different machines


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Hi. I know there's a lot of variation in the displays between different browsers or platforms, but I'm curious about something I'm currently seeing here.


I am looking at the same html page on two PCs, using the same browser (Firefox)... yet the one is completely ignoring P:first-letter formatting (while still properly displaying other CSS formatting).


The only difference, that I know of, is that one machine is running Win7, while the other is WinXP....if that makes a difference.


I'm wondering what might be causing the discrepency... Why the Win7 machine is ignoring some CSS styling on the same page in the same browser as the XP one. Anything I can do to remedy that, as far as coding?

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Sorry, I just figured out what was happening. The Win7 one was on a seriously old version of Firefox. The updater wasn't working properly.... even when I tried to do it manually.


I just went to the Firefox website, downloaded the latest version, installed it, and now the display matches that of the XP.


[Embarrassed smile]

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