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media-queries.css applying in simulators but not in real devices

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I have been asked to turn an existing Joomla 2.5.16 website into a responsive one.


I created a media-queries.css file and adjusted all the styles using Firefox's Responsive Design Tool to test the results.


All was fine until tested on real devices - both iPhone and Xperia - on both the website is totally unaffected by the media-queries.css file.


I've tested the site with online simulators and although they show a less than desired outcome - they do show that the media-queries.css file is making a difference.


I hope this is the right forum to post this issue as I realize it's not strictly a css problem that I'm facing.

I would be grateful for any advice - are there scripts that could be blocking it or anything else I have to check?


Thank you

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Hi again Kelly or anyone else PLEASE!!!



I did a search and found something called "Responsivizer", which is a Joomla extension

I've had a look at 'Responsivizer' and it seems like a fantastic extension but.. the website I've been asked to make responsive is a bit messy and the extension requires some more order and clarity.

As I said - the media-queries.css file I worked on for quite a bit of time does do the job on various simulators and since I've been through the process of creating responsive websites before I am quite sure the job has actually been done.


What I need to know is whether there is some code that could be responsible for making actual, real devices ignore the media-queries.css file.



Do you have any code you can show us???

Julia, you suggested I show the code and I'd like to know which code could be helpful to determine where the problem is coming from?



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