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Script to duplicate page/spread after every page/spread


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Can anyone create a script for me to work in Adobe InDesign which will select all pages in a document and create a duplicate directly after each page or spead.


I have the scripts that do the job but these create duplicate for the Active page/spread. I then have to go to another page/spread, rerun the script to make another duplicate and have to repeat it 100 times to make duplicates of 100 pages/spreads.


This one-liner will duplicate the current spread:


app.layoutWindows[0].activeSpread.duplicate (LocationOptions.AFTER, app.layoutWindows[0].activeSpread);


and this one the current page:


app.layoutWindows[0].activePage.duplicate (LocationOptions.AFTER, app.layoutWindows[0].activePage);
Any idea?
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I'm not sure what you're talking about. What is a spread? Does inDesign support EMCA Script / Javascript? Have you asked in the Adobe forums?

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Hello Mr. Scientist,


This is something related to page layout/design. InDesign is a software by Adobe used for page designing and layouting. A single page is called Single page whereas two facing pages are called DPS or Double Page Spread. I think you will not be able to work on this as you don't have any knowledge regarding Layouts and InDesign. Let someone else concentrate on it.

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