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Passing variable in URL with Previous/Next hyperlink


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Hi Everyone,


I’m currently using the indeed API to retrieve jobs. Users can either use the search box or click on some hyperlinks e.g. Java Developer. If they click on a hyperlink, I’m using &GET to pick up the keywords from the URL to query Indeed e.g. www.sitename.com/index.php?job=java in this case the page will display all the jobs that contain the keyword java.

Now the indeed API is limited to 25 jobs per request, but they have a parameter call “start” that can be added at the end of the URL above to call more jobs e.g. www.sitename.com/index.php?job=java&start=10 will call the next 10 jobs.


So I’m trying to figure out, how I could add a next / previous link at the bottom of the pages that will add that piece of code &start=10, &start=20 etc. in the URL so users can call more jobs, any idea?


Thanks for your help,


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Many thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I had a look at some pagination scripts and built the below and...it works fine!


<?php$search = $_GET["job"];$start = $_GET["start"];$query = http_build_query(array("job" => $search, "start" => $start+10));echo "<a href='/enterprises-a.php?$query'>Next</a>";?>

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