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JQuery Image Gallery Tweak


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I am in need of help with an image gallery.
At present in the gallery, when you click on the main image, it takes you to another page.
All the big images link to other pages.
What I would like is for the Thumbnails to do the same - link to the other pages and not scroll when clicked on.
Tried tweaking the code behind it myself and no luck yet.
Any ideas?
Many thanks.
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Start by studying the updateClickable function so that you can understand what it's doing. It would probably help to use breakpoints for that, in your browser's developer tools. Use the script tab to look at that code, and set breakpoints on each line. When the function runs it will stop at each breakpoint and you can check things like what the various variables are set to and you can trace through the code to see what path it takes and what it does. Once you understand how the function works, then you can copy the parts that you need to the other one. I doubt it would work to copy the exact code and expect everything to work the same. I used breakpoints though to verify that those were the functions that ran when you click on something.

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