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Bootstrap glyphicons are not visible on my chrome!

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Hi W3Schoolers.

I have downloaded Bootstrap 3.1 and after that, my glyphicons are not properly visible as below.





They are shown 'x' square box instead of real images.


I followed some advises from internet, and deleted Bootstrap, re-download it, also deleted glyphicon font files from library>fonts folder and re-installed it too. But it is still same.

My laptop is Macbook air 2011, and OS is Mavericks 10.9.3

Please help me to find out solution.


Thanks in advance.


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Hi Don Jajo.

Thank for advice.

I just deleted all chrome cache, history, and deleted other stuffs as much as I can ;)

And I also re-download glyphcons and put them to the Library-fonts folder, and restart.


well...it's still same unfortunately. :facepalm:


Could you suggest me different option?

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You might unzip the bootstrap to a local folder and test to make sure it works out of the box before moving it. Sometime file paths are not edited to match the location where you want to put your files. Version 3 had a customize bug so you might want to read up on this . I don't know if this has been resolved since the 3.1 release. Might check with bootstrap for more information and check the ###### for common problems.

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are you checking your console or networks tab to make sure the paths to the font-icon files are correct (no 404s)?

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