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$.each() giving error in chrome console


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Hello All!


It's been a while.


Trying to parse a json string and running into some issues.

<script type="text/javascript">    $().ready(function(){	var $_GET = {};	document.location.search.replace(/??(?[^=]+)=([^&]*)&?)/g, function () {    	    function decode(s) {                return decodeURIComponent(s.split("+").join(" "));    	    }    	    $_GET[decode(arguments[1])] = decode(arguments[2]);        });	//console.log($_GET["t"]);	$.get("assets/php/all_channels.php?t="+$_GET["t"],function(data){/*    START TROUBLE CODE*/	    $.each(data.channels, function(i,object){    	        $.each(object, function(property, value) {        	    console.log(property + "=" + value);    		});	    });/*    END TROUBLE CODE*/        });			    });</script>

In my chrome console I get the following:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined 

I have tracked the issue down to my .each code because commenting it out eliminates the error. I have added comments to surround the troublesome code.


Any assistance with this issue is much appreciated.

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what's data? are you logging your response to make sure it is what you expect it be? sounds like it's not an array.

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oh i think i got it.


I didn't realize it was looking for an array (not sure why i didn't think of that)


I added

var json = jQuery.parseJSON(data);

the changed data.channels to json.channels.


now it seems to work.

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