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BI (XML) Publisher Report : convert rows to clumns


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We have developed SQL which pulls large data. I need to format the data on the Report properly.

Requirement -

Now in report we have 3 rows in green at top of the sheet and 3*31 (columns*rows) in Yellow below.Grouping is done by 3 green rows i.e. Contract.

I need to show Contracts horizontally (column wise) and this number would be dynamic data and there can be n number of contracts.

For each contract I have to show the Yellow Highlighted Columns (grouped) and they also need to be displayed column wise on the Report (dynamic data) according to the Contract displayed in green.

Please help us to solve this issue usinf attached sample output

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Do you have a small demo of this to showcase visually? Try starting out small and then building up to your requirements.

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