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How do I create an account on mySQL without being logged in?


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A few weeks ago I was given admin control of a Windows server. On it mySQL was already installed with no user accounts and databases set up. I have tried logging in as root, localhost, ect but any default account has been stripped of privileges.


For example I get an error message reading: “Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password NO)”.


This was done probably for security purposes. Either way I need to be able to set up an account so that I can make my database. My question – is it possible to create an account or give root the rights required to log into mySQL without already being logged in? The person who gave the server to me said that I would not need an account in order to make the database. This confuses me because with the limited experience I have had with mySQL I have had to been logged in to make any kind of change.


What do you guys suggest?

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