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Javascript Google Earth Api .... Simple Ruler


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I am building a Application where i Want to measure the distance between Addresses . I have this "ruler " example someone so Kindly Precoded for me ... I would like to combine it with the "Master" functions in order to be able to search for a address then measure with the ruler from one house to another . . I have did my best efforts to combine the 2 functions into the "master " copy with no luck ... Could one of you kind professionals lead me to a solution ? I will also Include a link to a working "google maps " Perfect example of what i need to do in my master "google Earth " api Does anyone Know if I can Put the Javascript code from this working link i will attach into my "google Earth" api and will it run Properly.....I have already combined the functions from the "google Maps " link enclosed into the master ... The button is there and it functions ... The placemarks and ruler is not showing up.... thank you in advanced Eric





Heres Link to where I found the ruler function






I want to combine above function with attached html Document ... And have it operate like the "Google Maps " link above ... The code is alraedy coded in my javascript and i have highlighted where the error is occurring ... Thank you again ...

Simple Ruler.html

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