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But then how do you come to know if the guy is a good Web developer or no??Also what does a Web Developer do? :P..I mean like they create a website or they modify by themselves or work in team etc..I mean if I am to work as a Web developer what would be my roles???

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I judge them based on their experience, and I give them problems to solve and see how they do it. When we hire developers we look for people with experience in Javascript, PHP, and using databases. A college degree in computer science or a related field is a big plus. I'm not concerned about HTML or CSS, those are easy enough for any programmer to learn, but I need programming skill. I don't have any use for someone who can write HTML or CSS but can't program. We develop web applications here, so our jobs involve adding new features to existing applications, fixing bugs, or creating new applications. The vast majority of the work is adding features and fixing bugs, we usually develop our own existing applications rather than being asked to make something completely new for someone. Our customers use our applications and request new features, which we charge them to add.

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