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Is there any way to change the font in all pages from homepage ?

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With the previous template of my blog,I created various pages with the font Sniglet.And now after changing the template,main font of my blog is Oswald.So is there anyway in javascript,css,html5 or in xml through which I can add a piece of code in the homepage of my blog and all the Sniglet fonts would get replaced with oswald

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Well if we are talking about http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/ (which does have specific class selectors to apply this font), this is what happens when you add inline styling (and js/jquey) to <head></head> of each page, instead of adding to external css document and linking to it, you repeat duplication of same code within each page, increase size of page for download, make it difficult to control changes efficiently, sorry, but i guess 'you made your bed, now lay in it'.


in one page its only till you get to line 2739 that the body and actual child html coding begins, there again MORE css (which should not be in body AT ALL), js/jquery is included still, this is really really bad.

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