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Unblocking embedded YouTube vids in IE


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Hi. I tried finding this all over the web, but never found the answer.


I have a YouTube vid embedded in one of my HTML pages (via W3Schoool's suggested <iframe> embedding technique), and in IE, rather than showing it, I get a white frame, and IE asks me if I want to open or save it (both of which are not what I want).


I was told that IE (by default) blocks YouTube vids for security, but I can't figure out where to disable that in the options. Best I could find was allowing sites that don't use an external player, but that didn't do it.


I don't use IE, but I'm using it to test out my sites, and just wanted to have the embedded video show up for the tests.


Is this something I have to address in the HTML or in IE's options? Either way, what needs to be done?


Sorry if this questions is not appropriate for the forum. Figured I'd ask...

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Ya, I had tried the YouTube suggested code, but it didn't work properly. I had then tried the W3Schools version, and that worked well. That's what I ended up using.


Works great, but on MY copy of Internet Explorer, it asks if I want to save or open the video file, rather than embedding it, when I visit the video page... as if it was just a raw file link, rather than an embedded video.


I was told by another user here that the current IE has a security block by default that prevents YouTube vids from being displayed (for some reason).... if I understood him right.


I couldn't find it, though.


Might have been a compatibility issue or something, too.... I intentionally keep that copy of IE (which I only use for testing) free of Flash and other plugins, so I can see how non-compatible browsers deal with my pages.


I'll have to have one of my friends (who uses IE) to see if the video plays, or if they have the same issue.

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I might be getting this mixed up with some other web feature, but wasn't it to do with IE losing a judgement that allowed them just to play flash files without permission, so before starting playing, a popup comes up warning you that you are about to play/view these specific movie, then a js solution came out which would bypass this warning.


One option with the margins in IE browsers is to make a outer container smaller so it hides the margins, only problem is the better browsers will have part of screen cropped, if IE still used conditional comments this would not be a problem, but now they ignore them, you are stuffed, and the better browsers will pay for IE failings.


edit: you might! if youtube allow you, to adjust the body margins using js/jquery.

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It's like IE doesn't see it as an embedded video, but instead treats it like a raw file link.


I have to see if it does it in other copies of IE, as mine hasn't been properly set up (since I don't use it). Might be some configuration that isn't set.


My (ancient) version of IE on my other machine actually displays it fine (...go figure). So, it probably is fine, and just not set up properly.



Good idea about shrinking the video container. That may just work! It's only about 2 pixels or so, which won't be a real loss in the non-IE browsers. I'll give that a try, as that would be an easy fix if it works. I don't want to get into scripts and stuff, as that's beyond me, and just clutters things. Let the IE users have their white lines and other quirks...

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