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Hello all,


I was experimenting with the <object> tag, putting one webpage inside another HTML document. I found that if I put a PDF in it appear just under 70% of its original size, .....even if I specify the height and width.


<object src="folder/thumbnail.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="100" height="100"/>


But if I put a PNG (of the same image, size unaltered) in another HTML document and call that in, it appears at 100%.


<object data="page2.html" type="text/html">
alt : <a href="page2.html">page2.html</a>
....WHY is this?
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When it comes to pdf, typically it's best to use a link that opens up to a new tab/window. I never use object tags.


However, you might this:


apply a css like this:


pdf {width:100%;}


I never tried it and I certainly do not know if it works at all.


You can also try iframe instead of object.

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