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Look on YouTube. Some of the tutorials on there aren't half bad.


They can at least get you started.


I got this example from a 12 minute video.....

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><style type="text/css">body{     background:#000;     color:#fff;     font-size:3em;     font-family:Toledo;}#wss{     opacity:0;     -webkit-transition:opacity 1.0s linear 0s;     transition:opacity 1.0s linear 0s;}</style><script> <!--the array can contain anything you need, <html tags> , text , <images> , etc..... //-->var wss_i = 0;var wss_array =     [                         "smart.",                         "cute.",                         "funny.",                         "black.",                         "young."                    ];var wss_elem;function wssNext(){     wss_i++;     wss_elem.style.opacity = 0;     if(wss_i > (wss_array.length - 1)){          wss_i = 0;     }     setTimeout('wssSlide()', 1000);}function wssSlide(){     wss_elem.innerHTML = wss_array[wss_i];     wss_elem.style.opacity = 1;     setTimeout('wssNext()', 4000)}</script></head><body>    My dog is  <span id="wss"> </span><script>wss_elem = document.getElementById("wss"); wssSlide();</script></body></html>
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