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Good video embedding method with image fallback?


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And hello again....


Could someone outline for me a pretty airtight (but simple) method to have an embedded video, but ensure that it falls back to a still image if it fails?


For my purposes, it's not so important that the video plays on ALL platforms, as long as it falls back on the still image.


This is for a splash page... which, ideally, I want to have animating (loop)... but not at the cost of lots of code and multiple formats and such... As long as it works on 'most current browsers/systems', and gracefully falls back to a still image, that would be great.


I'm thinking maybe using the <video> tag . But, that means I have to do the page as HTML5, which MAY exclude some people.... although I was surprised to see how many of the browsers my friends have (who I have testing things out for me) are seemingly HTML5 compatible already.

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