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Problem with function require() and display in firefox and chrome

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The code is as following:



<?php 	include("fix.php");?>

file: fix.php

<html>	<head>		<title></title>		<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles/styles.css" />	</head>	<body style="margin:0px;">		<h1 style="background-color:red;margin:0px;">Problem</h1>	</body></html>

When I open file fix.php in firefox and chrome are ok (there is no margin between tag h1 and top boundary of browsers).

However, when I open file index.php, in firefox is OK (no margin), but in Chrome, there a margin between them.

Please, explain to me the reason. Is it because of the function require () ???

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I couldn't replicate your issue. They looked the same looking at either file on my system.


I would suggest a change to your code though, add a doctype to your code...



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