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Retrieve long from query and show in ASP

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I use asp to retrieve data from a sql database.

One of the fields to display has the data type LONG.

But for some reason only the first 70 karakters are shown.

if ticket <> "" then   set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")   rs1.Open "select case_history ........etc , conn,1,1			       if rs1.RecordCount > 0 then      do until rs1.EOF         Response.write(rs1.fields("case_history"))         rs1.MoveNext      loop   else    response.write("No data Found")						  end if  rs1.closeend if

Is there a possibilty so that the full text from the field case_history is shown?




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The fields collection contains field object. You probably want to use the value property of the field object instead of printing the object directly. You should be using rs1.fields.item("case_history").value.

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Thanks for the reply, unfortunately it gives the same result :(

I just replaced rs1.fields("case_history") with rs1.fields.item("case_history").value, but stil the first 70 characters are shown.


I have the same problem if i go to sqlpus with cmd. In that case I use Set Long 2000.

Isn't there some kind solution in asp?

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Yes, pretty sure.


Here is the data from the database. The first query shows only a few characters, then i set long to 2000 and then you see all data.




Second is what asp is showing me.





Maybe my query is wrong?

set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")rs1.Open "select tc.id_number, tc.x_cust_ref_num, tc.title as tct, tg.title as tcg, login_name, case_history from table_case tc, table_site ts, table_gbst_elm tg, table_user tu where (ts.objid = tc.case_reporter2site) and (ts.name like 'blabla%') and (tg.objid = tc.casests2gbst_elm) and (tu.objid = tc.case_owner2user) and tc.x_cust_ref_num like '%" + ticket + "%'", conn,1,1



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Is this an Oracle database? I haven't seen "set long" before, that looks like it is specific to Oracle.It sounds like long columns are a pain in the ###### to work with. There's some information here:http://www.oracle-developer.net/display.php?id=430One suggestion is to change the data type to something that is better to work with. Otherwise, you might have to use set long any time you query that data:http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_select_long_table_column_sql.htm

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Yes is an oracle database. Unfortunately not mine, so I’m not able to change the datatype.


I will take a look at the articles


thanks :D


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