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Because many people want to pretend that they can provide the magic coding tricks necessary for your website to achieve a higher position in the search engine results. If your webpage ends up on page six of the search engine results then few people may ever visit your site and that translates into lost sales and lost profit $$$.

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It's not about coding, it's about the content that appears on your site (search keywords, etc), the number and quality of sites that you link to, and the number and quality of sites that link to you. Google's pagerank algorithm changes all the time, whenever they want to change it. They do not disclose the details of how the algorithm works, nor specific changes they make, because they don't want people to try and game the system. You might do black hat SEO, where you have a network of spam blogs where you post links to your site to increase your site's rank. That might work one day, then Google changes their algorithm and all of a sudden your site is removed from their search index entirely because of all the spam blogs that point to it.

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