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Review my Website Echofreelance.com

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I would like to get your review on my website http://www.echofreelance.com/ which I recently launched. This is a complete flat web design. I used real photos of my stff and I.


I would love to receive feedback on how I can further improve the design and other aspects which will lead to a better conversion rate.



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I just happened across your post and thought I'd give you my opinion on the brief look I had at your site. Bearing in mind I'm just a beginner in web design... this is mainly my opinion as a member of the public.


There is too much. It's a very nice site, very modern... but there is SO MUCH on there. The sheer amount of scrolling required to skim the homepage is off-putting. I think the problem is how much you've written about yourself. Mainly under the 'what makes me different' header - most of it seems unecessary.


Sorry, I hope this doesn't come off as too negative, I just thought it needed pointing out.

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