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what programming language should i use?


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This might be a question which is asked way too much, sorry for that :/ :)Anyway,I want to write a program (or even better: use a program , if it already exists. plz tell me if it does) that will be executed when my PC boots (or when i simply double click the exe of this program.The program must open my mozilla firefox browser (or if there's no other way my iexplorer) and go to my gmail in one tab, and go to another site in the other tab.But on the second site i have to click three times untill i am where i want to be.So the program will have to be able to "click" for me...I hope you guys can tell me what language i should use to write this.Or even better, tell me if such a program already exists...Or any advice is welcome :)tnx in advance

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