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click to play <video> error in firefox


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Basically, if I code something like


function x()








works fine in chrome. Problem is, in mozilla firefox, this function is already built into the browser - so when the user clicks

the video to play it, it starts and stops almost immediately. How do I work around this? Browser detection is out the door due to reliability issues.

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IF this is the html5 video this already uses a type of browser detection, in that not all the browsers will play a specific format yet! so you have to list different formats (mp4, ogg, webm) of the same video then the correct format is chosen on loading of page for playing.




Also you may have to use .load() for the video, before you can use play().

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I don't know if it's a typo, but it should just be


I'm not sure what you mean by the function being built into the browser. Which one? x? play, pause? Are you there aren't just errors in the console you aren't seeing?


Also, it is encouraged and preferred to use code tags on the forums when providing code snippets in posts.

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I mean the whole


is already built into mozilla web browser, while it isnt on something else like chrome.

when you click the video on chrome, nothing happens without this script. but if you do on mozilla, it will still play without script.So when the same script runs on mozilla, its essentially running 2x - resulting in the video NOT playing.

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