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Why won't the border appear


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Here is the CSS:



* {	outline: 0;}html,body {	margin: 0;	padding: 0;	width: 100%;	height: 100%;	color: #c3c3c3;	font-size: 10px;	font-family: "PathwayGothicOne-Regular";	background: #111111;	-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;	-moz-osx-font-smoothing: grayscale;}nav {	min-width: 96em;	width: 100%;	background: #3b3b3b;	color: #ffffff;	text-align: center;}nav > ul,nav ul li > ul {	margin: 0;	padding: 0;	list-style: none;	display: block;}nav ul > li,nav ul li > ul > li {	display: inline-block;	position: relative;	text-align: left;}nav ul li a,nav ul li ul li a {	padding: .364em 1em;	font-size: 2.2em;	display: inline-block;	white-space: nowrap;}nav ul li ul {	min-width: 125%;	border-width: 0 0.045em 0.045em;	border-style: solid;	border-color: #333333 #111111 #111111 #333333;	position: absolute;	background: #2a2a2a;	visibility: hidden;	font-size: 0.818em;	overflow: hidden;}nav ul li ul li,nav ul li ul li a {	min-width: 100%;}nav ul li:hover a {	background: #2a2a2a;}nav ul li:hover ul {	visibility: visible;} 




Now how come the border does not appear? Thanks for any pointer. If you need the HTML let me know.

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