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Navigation tabs with height out of control

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Hi everybody,


I was able with some research to find documentation on tabbed navigation.

I gathered all the information I found, and decided to make a code entirely with css and css3.


The look is nice, however I am unable to control the height of the tabs.


I set a value in the class .tablist inside the css sheet, but the height does not increase if I change this value. Moreover it seems it depends on the font-size and on the padding value in .tablist li a.


I attached four html pages (page1.html ... page4.html):







and the css sheet:





Does any of any idea of how can I take control over the height of the tabs?


Many thanks in advance

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Though we can download it, in the future (and if you are willing to edit your post), post just the code.

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Because the styles of the button are associated to the anchor you need to set the hight to the anchor tags… You can simply add a class to all the anchors if you want the height changed uniformly.


Hope that helped.

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