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multiple and or conditions


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i am new to SQL and can't figure out how to do the following:


"SELECT * FROM 49866.csv WHERE

SQLDATE BETWEEN '2014-03-01' AND '2014-05-01'

AND TYPE = 'xx' OR TYPE = '2'

AND LOT = 'xx' OR LOT = '1.1' OR LOT = 'BO'"


I've tried:


"SELECT * FROM 49866.csv WHERE (SQLDATE BETWEEN '2014-03-01' AND '2014-05-01') AND (TYPE = 'xx' OR TYPE = '2') AND (LOT = 'xx' OR LOT = '1.1' OR LOT = 'BO')"


But it's not working. I assume I have the parentheses in the wrong spots. Any help would be much appreciated.



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