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star rating system


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I wanted to make a star rating system but my code is not working. Can anyone help me please? i couldn't figure out why the star is not changing while hover it.

1.0-star.png is white while 0.5-star.png is golden.


Here is the code..


function setRating(number){
jquery('#main').css('background', 'url(images/'+number+'-star.png) no-repeat')
function saveRating(number){
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />
<div id="main" style="background:url(images/1.0-star.png) no-repeat;">
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('0.5')" onclick="saveRating('0.5');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('1.0')" onclick="saveRating('1.0');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('1.5')" onclick="saveRating('1.5');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('2.0')" onclick="saveRating('2.0');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('2.5')" onclick="saveRating('2.5');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('3.0')" onclick="saveRating('3.0');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('3.5')" onclick="saveRating('3.5');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('4.0')" onclick="saveRating('4.0');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('4.5')" onclick="saveRating('4.5');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
<div class="rating" onmouseover="setRating('5.0')" onclick="saveRating('5.0');" onmouseout="setRating('1.0')"></div>
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Looking over your code I see a few errors, specifically the attr() function doesn't run strings as an eval() (even if it did that is definitely not the way to do it). I can go over and run a few corrections on your javascript to get it running smoothly.

<head>    <style>      #main{        background-image:url('images/10-star.png');        background: no-repeat;      }      #main.star05{background-image:url('images/05-star.png')}      #main.star10{background-image:url('images/10-star.png')}      #main.star15{background-image:url('images/15-star.png')}      #main.star20{background-image:url('images/20-star.png')}      #main.star25{background-image:url('images/25-star.png')}      #main.star30{background-image:url('images/30-star.png')}      #main.star35{background-image:url('images/35-star.png')}      #main.star40{background-image:url('images/40-star.png')}      #main.star45{background-image:url('images/45-star.png')}      #main.star50{background-image:url('images/50-star.png')}      /********************************************      notice I defined the hover classes after the star classes      this way they will have higher priority than the previous       group if #main has both classes since the hover classes      are the last ones listed at the same specificity level (ID + classname)      ********************************************/      #main.hover_star05{background-image:url('images/05-star.png')}      #main.hover_star10{background-image:url('images/10-star.png')}      #main.hover_star15{background-image:url('images/15-star.png')}      #main.hover_star20{background-image:url('images/20-star.png')}      #main.hover_star25{background-image:url('images/25-star.png')}      #main.hover_star30{background-image:url('images/30-star.png')}      #main.hover_star35{background-image:url('images/35-star.png')}      #main.hover_star40{background-image:url('images/40-star.png')}      #main.hover_star45{background-image:url('images/45-star.png')}      #main.hover_star50{background-image:url('images/50-star.png')}    </style>    <!-- Remember, always put script tags after style tags -->    <script src="http://ajax.googleap...1/jquery.min.js"></script>    <script>      $("#main span").hover(          function (){//handler to do while hovering over span            //"$(this) will refer to span element while inside each handler function            // .parent() tells to move the selection from the current span to the span's parent            //           ( the #main)            // .addClass() will be adding the temporary hover class to the #main            $(this).parent()                   .addClass("hover_"+$(this).attr('class'));          },          function (){//handler to do when you leave span            //very similar to the mouseenter handler, just removes that same hover class            $(this).parent()                   .removeClass("hover_"+$(this).attr('class'));          }      ).click(          function(){//now the handler when you click on a span            //this one removes all classes from #main, including any hover classes            // then adds the class with the rating you want to be set.            $(this).parent()                   .removeClass()                   .addClass($(this).attr('class'));          }      );    </script>  </head>  <body>    <div id="main">      <span class="star05"></span>      <span class="star10"></span>      <span class="star15"></span>      <span class="star20"></span>      <span class="star25"></span>      <span class="star30"></span>      <span class="star35"></span>      <span class="star40"></span>      <span class="star45"></span>      <span class="star50"></span>    </div>  </body></html>
I made quite a few changes to your code with some optimizations.Sorry to say, I being pulled away from my PC to help someone move so I haven't been able to test the code yet nor will I be back to answer any questions you may have about it until tonight, but hopefully I can just post what I have here and others on the forum can pick up where I left off and help any mistakes I've made or answer any questions you have. I just thought I should post straight away to help steer you in the right direction.
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