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I realy don't think this is possible yet, i have been searching and trying all day and nothing works :)The @page rule and forcing Landscape orientation

The @page rule has reportedly been implemented only in Opera. My own testing of Opera (O7.53) shows that support is too buggy to be of any use, and that IE (IE6), Mozilla (Moz1.7.1) and Firefox (FF0.10=Gecko 1.7.3) don't support @page at all. According to the [CSS2 spec section 13.2.2] it is possible to override the user's setting of orientation and (for example) force printing in Landscape but the relevant "size" property has been dropped from [CSS2.1], consistent with the fact that no current browser supports it. It has been reinstated in the [CSS3 Paged Media] module but note that this is only a Candidate Recommendation (as at February 2005).
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