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jquery, adding content everytime when the button is clicked.


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Hello, I created a button and have a checkbox form. I want to add that form one by one everytime when the button is clicked,

I have tried by clone() method, it worked but the checkbox didn't work, i mean i couldn't check in the box or it checks in all of the form. I need help.


Here is peice of my code...


<button id="check-type">Multiple choice</button>


<div class="multiple-choice">
<input id="check1" type="checkbox" name="check" value="check1">
<label for="check1">ques1</label><br> <br>
<input id="check2" type="checkbox" name="check" value="check2">
<label for="check2">ques2</label><br><br>
$('.multiple-choice').show(); //shows only once, but i want to add this form everytime when the button is clicked.


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