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PHP extension nts ts vc and rc


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what do the abbreviations:





what do they mean, and what do they entail. google search yields nothing due to the short length of the keywords.Also, I feel as if there are a plethora of such terms, is there like an extensive documentation of them somewhere?


deez esoteric terms

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In PHP releases, the filenames have TS or NTS for whether they are thread-safe or non-thread-safe. For Windows, VC might indicate which version of the Visual C++ redistributable is required. RC is typically used to identify that a particular version is a release candidate.

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Is there a large difference between using different vc versions? say I am not sure which visual c++ I have, can I just pick the lowest supported one and forget the rest?


ie. php_imagick-3.1.2-5.6-ts-vc9-x64.zip

rather than


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