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I have a website I created by using WIX. I am trying to Create a Form for First Name, Last Name and E-mail address that I would like to Pass the First Name, Last Name and E-mail on to a URL:


The URL http://www.mb103.com/lnk.asp?o=6189&c=71590&a=120164&s1=fname&s2=lname&s3=emaill/


The S1, S2 & S3 are sub ID fields.


My Question is how do I get the s1, s2, & s3 data after hitting the submit button to be inserted in the url above.



<!DOCTYPE html><html><body>


<form method="get" action="http://www.mb103.com/lnk.asp?o=6189&c=71590&a=120164&s1=email&s2=email/">First Name: <input type="text" name="fname"><br><br>Last Name: <input type="text" name="lname"><br><br>E-mail: <input type="text" name="email"><br><br><input type="submit" value="Submit"></form>




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something like this:


<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><script></script></head><body> <form action="http://niche.com/"> <input type="hidden" name="tab" value="gymnastics" /> <input type="hidden" name="path" value="gym" /> <input type="submit" value="submit"/></form></body></html>

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I have changed to code to this below: When I enter my First Name, Last Name and E-mail address and hit submit it creates the following URL (http://www.mb103.com/lnk.asp?o=6189&c=71590&a=120164&s1=?s1=Edward&s2=Mussey&s3=mussey73@hotmail.com

There should not be a ?s1= in the link. Any Ideas?

<!DOCTYPE html><html>


<script src="gen_validatorv4.js" type="text/javascript"></script>



<script type="text/javascript">function submitform(){ document.forms["myform"].submit();}</script>

<form id="myform" action="http://www.mb103.com/lnk.asp%3fo=6189&c=71590&a=120164&s1="+"FirstName"+"&s2="+"LasName"+"&s3="+"Email"/"><p> <label for="s1">First Name:</label> <input type="text" id="s1" name="s1" value=""/></p><p> <label for="s2">Last Name:</label> <input type="text" id="s2" name="s2" value=""/></p>

<p> <label for="s3">Email:</label> <input type="text" id="s3" name="s3" value=""/></p><a href="javascript: submitform()">Submit</a></form>

<script type="text/javascript">var frmvalidator = new Validator("myform");frmvalidator.addValidation("FirstName","req","Please enter your First Name");frmvalidator.addValidation("FirstName","maxlen=20", "Max length for FirstName is 20");





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