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How do I stop IE8 from placing 7 tabs in my textarea element

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Hello Internet,


I have a basic textarea element written as follows:


<textarea name="contact_feedback" id="contact_feedback" value “” rows="4" cols="26" style="border: 0px solid #000000;"></textarea>


My dilemma is that Chrome/Safari they don’t place 7 tabs in the textarea when the window loads but IE8 does. Can I use in-line CSS or something else to eliminate these tabs when the window loads?



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Textarea tag does not use value attribute, JavaScript uses .value for manipulating content between open and close textarea tags. I don't know what exactly you mean by tabs? the width and height is controlled by cols and rows by default, but can be overriding using css.

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JamesB -

WOW I guess some of the things I do out of habit effect my code more than I realize. I like to close containers/objects underneath and IN-LINE with opening containers/objects. Like this:


<open div1>

<open div2>

<open div3>

<open object>

</close object>

</close div3>

</close div2>

</close div1>


Thanks for this - I placed the closing tag right at the end of the opening tag and there are 0 tabs now when the window loads! By the way I just forgot to add the equals when writing out this post.... THANKS again!


dsonesuk - I'm guessing you understand now based on JamesB statement and my response.

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