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OAuth Login with Google


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I've been asked to add extra security to our site. We're using Google to login people in and currently this is the security we have:
$googleService = $serviceFactory->createService('google', $credentials, $storage, array('userinfo_email', 'userinfo_profile'));$app->get('/login', function () use ($app, $googleService) {if($app['session']->get('userinfo')) {return new RedirectResponse('/');}return $app['twig']->render('login.twig', array('login_url' => $googleService->getAuthorizationUri()->__toString(),'user'      => $app['session']->get('userinfo'),));});

$app->match('/auth/callback', function (Request $request) use ($app, $googleService) {// This was a callback request from google, get the token$googleService->requestAccessToken($request->get('code'));// Send a request with it$user = json_decode($googleService->request('https://www.googleapis.com/oauth2/v1/userinfo'), true);if (substr($user['email'],-11)==='@domain.com' || $user['email']==='web@anotherdomain.com') {$user['logged_in_date'] = date('Y-m-d');$app['session']->set('userinfo', $user);$log = new UserLoggedinLog();$log->setEmail($user['email']);$log->setDate(time());$log->save();} else {$message = Swift_Message::newInstance()->setSubject('Site :: unauthorized login')->setFrom(array('server@domain.com' => 'robot'))->setTo(array('admin@domain.com','web@domain.com'))->setBody(sprintf("The following email [%s] tried to login from IP [%s]", $user['email'], $request->getClientIp()));$app['mailer']->send($message);}return $app->redirect('/');});
Is there a way to set the email addresses/users that can log in? So if a member of staff leaves they can be prevent from logging in immediately? 

I've built a database table with all of the 'allowed' users in it but I didn't know if there was a way of getting Google login to check that and then only allow somebody if they're in the database?
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