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Hello everyone,


I am doing some experiment with <bdi> tag to understand it well. I have got a piece of code:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><body> <p>User <bdi>William</bdi>: 100</p> <p>User <bdi>Henry</bdi>: 90</p> <p>User <bdi>علي</bdi>: 80</p></body>

When I open it with Google Chrome it works as it is intended. It is said that IE doesn't support this tag. Therefore I opened it with IE to see what would happen if I didn't use the <bdi> tag. The result is that the Arabic name Ali and the number 80 is swapped.


After that I used that code:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><body> <p>User <bdi>William</bdi>: AA</p> <p>User <bdi>Henry</bdi>: BA</p> <p>User <bdi>علي</bdi>: BB</p></body>

The code works as it is intended on both Google Chrome and IE. IE doesn't support the <bdi> tag but it works. Why? Why does it make sense to change the numbers with letters? Could someone please explain me the logic?

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Here's a link that even includes your example.




Unless you have a deep need to know why, I wouldn't spend much time on this (it's just not IE that doesn't recognize this tag). Besides that, everything is always subject to change anyway.

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