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Easy way to edit .aspx files


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Please excuse me ignorance regarding ASP, I am VERY new to this.


I am a web developer normally working with PhP and CSS, I am currently trying to style a page buildt with ASP.


There are many references to labels etc in the code, and I cannot seem to get the "html" part that I need to edit (if this makes any sense?)


Is there any firefox add-ons or webtools that can help me locate the file that I need to edit to implement my changes?


I normally use firebug to check the CSS, but the code that I see there is not in the stylesheet or .aspx file, I think it references to another file.


Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


Thank you

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ASP.net generates a lot of HTML for you. I haven't done a lot of work with it so I'm not sure how to edit the HTML templates that it uses to create everything. If it is using an MVC architecture then the views should contain the various pieces of HTML that it uses to generate the page.

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