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There's lots of frameworks out there. Pick one and ask us about it. Next year, they'll be a whole new list of what's hot.


In the meantime, I suggest the Mark I brian, a good text editor, code, code experience (10,000 hours minimum), and lots and lots of imagination. That's five techs just for starters.


The latest tech is much more dependent on how you think than on any "new tech". How would you even know which tech to study without experience with code (including formal instruction and life long learning)?


Read the signature quote of any justsomeguy post on this forum.


It's probably far better to id tech that seems meaningful to you and ask us what we think about a specific tech/approach/framework/process/point of view.


Undoubtedly, your feedback will depend on the situation.


Then, you'll still need to decide for yourself.

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