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My personal photo showroom


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Hi there,


as a informatics student I had to code something for university. I decided to code my own little website with an Image Gallery to present my photos and at the same time learn php.

The goals where:

  • responsive behavoir
  • short and clean (you could call it minimalistic)
  • small introduction of who I am and what I do
  • main focus on pictures and the users experience while browsing through them


The goals where not:

I don't want to "sell myself" to get clients with this website, because I'm not a freelancer


You find the result of my work here:



Please provide me some feedback regarding:

  • the website overall
  • how smooth is the experience when scrolling through pictures (loading times / lags when scrolling /. . . )
  • bugs in the responsive behavoir ?
  • in the "downloads" section, do you understand that you could download the gallery (as a open source image gallery) and not the photos which I present on my site? I'm not sure if this gets clear enough.


Thank you in advance

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why not place those images in a album? it makes the site run a little slower than it should

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Nice clean design.Btw just few random questions:http://andreaslorer.de/assets/images/_IGP9619.jpgDid you use any post processing to get those colors nice? If yes the what did you do? Shot from tripod?Same questions for this one:http://andreaslorer.de/assets/images/IMGP9130.jpgIt looks clean and has nice metallic feeling.I am just like you cs students and I love taking photos, except I have not yet created my own site.

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You got a good design strategy. But I think you should add some more text into about me section of your website. So people will be able to get more information about you. You can also link your site to your social media accounts.


Jea that is a good idea. Adding some relevant text content will also improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect of my website. I have to think about how I approach this, cause at the moment its more or less a 1 page layout.




For the corn field i used multiple color lookups (crisp warm, candlelight, late sunset, drop blues) used a different sky then the original picture and some tweaking with layer masks. I did not use a tripot.


The second one I dont remember and I cannot find the .psd file ^^ sorry. (all pictures on my site are post-processed)

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For the corn field i used multiple color lookups (crisp warm, candlelight, late sunset, drop blues)

Sorry, I am not so goog at PP so I am not sure how I should understand this.What does it mean? That you just tried different temperatures from blue to yellow til you found wahat works best? or something else?



used a different sky then the original picture and some tweaking with layer masks.

You took sky from an other photo or just used different settings for sky than for field?

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@theSCV, I don't know if you're still looking for input or not, but here goes. I'm a super newbie, so I don't have any tech or dev suggestions. As a site visitor, I do have a few suggestions.


First things first, your pics are beautiful!

  • A page full of pics can load slowly for some people, and become overwhelming. Consider adding folders organized by location, type of photo, or theme. That isn't critical or super-needed now, but it would make the site much nicer if you add a number of photos.
  • People are interested in some of the specifics of your photos, so you could think about adding "details" to each photo such as the location or photographic details (exposure, lens, etc.) You've even received questions about that here.
  • Ditch the photo file name as the pop-up/hover tool tip, and add relevant info (identifying name, location, etc) or nothing at all.
  • Your About/Home page is very simplified, but I kinda like that. Your pic is nice, too.
  • If you do decide to expand the site, I would make the "About" page separate from "Home", and create a home page with a few more details and random pics that are linked to specific folders. OR... Just let your "About" page be the landing/homepage (with a little more info), and remove "about" from the address. About and home being the same page is kind of confusing.
  • An average user will have NO idea of what to do on GitHub or your project page, and it isn't quite an average-user kinda process. Most will see a pic they like, and just want to download it. I think an instruction page would be nice for those who don't understand what to do, and maybe a little more explanation on the actual download page as well.
  • Are other download options available?

That's about it. It's enough, right? :blink:

Have a great day!

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