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If anyone has the time to have a quick look at my website and give me honest feedback, I'd be very grateful :)


It's not actually finished yet, but it's getting there. There are a few problems that need fixing (contact form doesn't work, footer doesn't work properly on tablets), so I already know about those, but please point out any others you can see.


As you can see, there isn't much content yet. I'm still thinking about what to write. Also, there isn't anything in the portfolio because I have only done one site so far, which needs some adjustments before going in there. I intend to create a Wordpress site for someone who has asked and possibly contact local charities to see if they'd like free websites. If anyone has other suggestions on how to fill it up, I'm all ears. :)


This is aimed at employers, by the way - a link would be provided in my CV. Not really looking for freelance work currently. Just so you know the target audience.


Oh... it won't work with internet explorer, so don't even try it :P:lol: I'm working on it, though.


So... please don't be too harsh, lol:


Edit - removed link

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That's good to know. You are quite right to point that out to me. Thanks for the clarification.


Lucy, I think the site is a good start and I look forward seeing more.


The four most important questions I have for every site are:


1. Why should I pay attention?


2. How can you help me?


3. What do you want me to do?


4. Why should I do it now?

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Great, thanks. There seemed to be a delay in the files loading properly but all seems sorted now.


I've added in all the textual content and a portfolio piece now, so I hope it looks better? Considering using it in a job application...

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