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Meta Description not showing up! Wordpress Website.

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So i have a problem dont know how to fix, i see the meta description on yoast but it has been over a week and has not changed have never seen this before. my description wont show.




Does it have to be with the robot.txt?

Any ideas will be great guys.

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The home page consists of images and links, no <h1> or text content with keywords contained in them (and links), all of these are looked at for relevant information in search results, might help to included these. If you search for 'Online Vape store in Arlington' the description does come up, But as i said it will take time to update all.


I presume you use googles webmaster tools, if not i should and check https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/80407

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I aggre and understand what you are saying, but my concern is that it has taken a long time to update i have never seen this happen before, i have made other site with no content like this one and "Description" shows up. Super weird. Im at the poing where i want to unistall and see what happens.

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